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understanding the subconscious

online coaching

In 2015 the road down the rabbit hole started. Now we have a wide array of tools available to coach you to reconnect to your primal being. The first step is to check if this is the right path and if we are the right coaches for you. 


Contact us for an intake 

Contact us for an intake

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how it works

Phase 1: Finding the way in

During the first session(s) we will be looking into what your primal being is trying to tell you. We will look (among other things) at your eating, relaxation, and movement habits. All three are filled with instinctive behavior and as such a gateway into a deeper understanding. 


Phase 2: Learning to listen

It’s nice to have a translator present, but understanding the language by yourself is way more valuable. Depending on the way your primal being is speaking to you we will set you up with a set of skills/exercises so you can start listening by yourself.


Phase 3: Working together 

When you can understand each other you can start working with your primal being. Integrating everything in day-to-day life and keeping the internal discussions civil is always a challenging change. We help you to navigate the thin line between the emotional and practical reality.


Phase 4: Out and about 

Immediately after reconnection, it’s always easy to find motivation. But change isn’t easy and often we fall back into old patterns or encounter new challenges. To not lose all your progress we keep checking in with you and your primal being to see what tweaks we can make to make lasting changes. 


Phase 5: Regular checkups 

Your primal being and you will share the rest of your life together, but at some point, we need to say our goodbyes. We always hope that we have given you all the tools you will ever need. But we also know things aren’t always easy, sometimes a small tune-up is essential. When that time comes, we are there.

Afterwards, we will not throw you into the deep. You are always welcome for more coaching if you get stuck. We love to see how you are doing and love to see your updates as well.


The below timeline and coaching frequency are an indication that works for most, depending on your personal needs the timeline may however change. 


Phase 1: (Once a week) One or two sessions are often enough to get into the thick of it. We will keep checking in during the entire coaching, but as soon as we have a way in we can start phase 2.


Phase 2: (Once a week) Two to four sessions, depending on how soft/loud your primal being speaks and how harsh the truths that come out. Only when there is a real conversation going on can we move on to phase 3. 


Phase 3: (Every two weeks) Two to four sessions. Change doesn’t come overnight and this is the phase where real-world change starts to happen. You can understand your primal being and start to move towards a life with more space for yourself. There will be hiccups which we will help you with, but when you are on the right path we move on to phase 4. 


Phase 4: (Once a month) One or two sessions. Old habits die hard. These last planned sessions are only there to help you out when you start stumbling again. When you feel certain enough that the change keeps going and you know where to find us when needed we can move on to phase 5. 


Phase 5: (On your request) There are no set sessions in phase 5. You are always welcome to book a session when you feel you could use our help. 



We always plan a 20-minute intake so we can get to know you and see if we are the right coach for you. This is also the moment where we give an indication of the path we think might be best for you. 

Free intake

Starting pack (six 45-minute sessions):

The entire coaching program usually takes a minimum of six sessions to make sure everything is up and running. With the starting pack, we make sure you get the best start. 



S.O.S. pack (four 45-minute sessions in a single week with short-term planning):

We do not replace professional help! However, sometimes taking weeks to reconnect with your primal being is simply not an option. This is never our preference but we know reality doesn’t always take that into account. 


Follow-up session (one 45-minute session):

After a good start, more sessions might be needed. These follow-up sessions are only available when you have already started with one of our packs. 


Terms and conditions

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