Private class

Joining group classes at a studio to practice yoga is a beautiful thing to do. Not only do we feel emotionally lifted and physically empowered after a class, the collective energy allows us to explore boundaries we often would not have discovered on our own. 

That being said, there is a drawback to this approach.  Since we are all different, with different levels of understanding or time needed to absorb information, a group session can’t cover everyone's specific requirements. Group classes often aren't able to offer students the personal attention they require. I have met many practitioners of yoga who could not distinguish between a Cobra or Upward facing dog. It is usually not their fault that these two different poses look the same to them, because in most group classes they must continue in a pace that can't wait up for everyone and as long as you are close enough the teacher must carry on. Especially when starting your exercise it is important to understand alignment to create a safe and effective session. No matter if you practice yoga or other types of movement, you are responsible for your own body. That is why I always recommend starters to take at least one private session to focus on creating a thorough understanding of their movements. Even if you are not a beginner, ask yourself: Is my exercise clear and specific? If the answer is no or if you find yourself stuck within some grey area it is time to strengthen your roots, both on and off the mat. 

In a private session we will purely focus on you. building confidence and increased understanding - tailored to your specific needs, to allow you to continue practicing on your own with a stronger base. I am not looking for people who stick. I want you to stand on your own feet. Therefor I would love to introduce my ‘no bullshit’ clarifying private classes created for you. My classes are known to be direct, simple, and clear. AND lots of fun! 

It’s time to quit copying and re-connect to your own body. Allow me to guide you on your first steps...


Let's get moving!

Kimi is a young and energetic soul who loves to travel around the world and has met many interesting people, overcome difficult hardships and found her road to happiness and joy for life. Using yoga as a medium she wants to share experiences with others. Kimi’s lessons revolve around fearless living. This means finding your inner balance and then taking one step out of your comfort zone with experienced guidance and support to gain confidence and reach new levels and achieve personal goals. Individual attention is key and by channeling positive energy and placing trust in one another you grow stronger in body and mind. Her classes embrace the idea that growth is constant and must be nurtured. With breathing techniques and meditation, mixed in with creative sequencing and challenging poses, you will feel revitalised mentally and physically.