(sub)Conscious eating

In this three day course we will work on becoming conscious of our unconscious relationship with eating. 

Day 1

Conscious eating

Day 2

Value of flavors

Day 3

Meet your own needs

The course will be a minimum of six hours group coaching plus homework to practice and integrate new understanding into your daily life.


The investment is 65 euro including the course, drinks and snacks during the course hours.

We will take a maximum of eight people per course to make sure there is enough space for personal attention and in-dept learning.

Please send us an email at primalbeing@hotmail.com for more information or sign ups. 

''On the second course day we discuss the Value of Flavours. With a philosophy based on Ayurveda, Chinese alchemy, Yakuzen and Western science this creates a powerful foundation. Giving you the tools to take your cooking to the next level. Choosing and preparing your food with more awareness and playfulness. For those who are interested in cooking classes, we believe that understanding and being able to differentiate flavours is a must to master as your first step.''

''Had the pleasure of following the Conscious Eating course with Primal Beings and I can recommend it to everybody! I found it very interesting and informative! You can tell that a lot of research went into it as the level of knowledge that is given is very high. As someone who has gotten tired of all the contradicting and confusing theories on food out there, i really found the approach of Primal Beings both refreshing and logical. By approaching food and diet by flavour you can be a lot more instinctive and mindful of what you are eating and of what your body craves and also why it craves certain flavours. This really gives a lot of depth and insight to your eating habits and allows you to also use food to literally feed certain things that you are feeling or missing in your life. Knowledge of different flavours also brings your cooking to another level and Primal Beings really make it approachable and easy to use in all your dishes. I made a fried egg with the principle of the 5 flavours and it was the best one I ever cooked! Thank you so much Kimberley and Mark!''

Tim Genee (Yoga teacher)