Sweet Tooth Carrots

Raisins, orange and sugar. How much sweet can one add without going over the top? Well if you balance it out a bit, we should be fine. Luckily a good port and some ginger did the trick without going all the way into destroying the sweetness.

This dish was created after a sweet craving we had for a couple of days and no single sweet seemed to be enough to satisfy it. We have to admit this dish did just the trick.

INGREDIENTS (side dish for 2)

1 kg thin Carrots

2 tbsp. Olive Oil

3 tbsp. Raisins

2 tsp. grated Ginger

100 ml Water

Juice of 1 Orange

100 ml Ruby Port

3 tbsp. Sugar

  1. Clean and wash the Carrots, remove the top and cut lengthwise. Cut any larger or thicker Carrots so that the pieces are similar. Add all to a deep edged frying pan.

  2. Add the Oil and place the pan on a high fire. Bake the Carrots for 4 minutes regularly stirring. The Carrots should color only a little bit. Throw in the Raisins and Ginger and bake along for another 2 minutes.

  3. Pour in the Water, Orange Juice and Port and close the pan with a lid. Bring the liquid to a boil and remove the lid again. Add the Sugar and stir regularly.

  4. The liquid should evaporate almost completely. Leaving a sticky layer of sweetness on the carrots. You should see the carrots baking brown near the end. (This is partly the sugar caramelizing.)

  5. When almost all liquid is gone make sure you keep stirring. This will make sure the glaze is equally divided. Use a pair of tongs to remove all the goodness from the pan. There will be a very sweet and lovely liquid remaining. The Carrots don’t need it, but it is lovely to combine with potatoes or meat. Enjoy as warm as possible.

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