Golden Milk

Turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for every constitution since the memory of mankind. Recently the easy to drink version: Golden Milk, has also found its way to the western world and has quickly taken of. This recipe balances the Turmeric a bit and makes add a wide range of other beneficial tastes. Even for those that don’t like Turmeric this Golden Milk may provide the best way to still benefit from this health miracle of the east.

Power Up Golden Milk

INGREDIENTS (serves 2 cups)

300 ml Coconut Milk

1 tsp. Black Pepper

1 thin slice of fresh Ginger

1/2 tsp. Cardamom

1/4 pinch of Sea Salt

Zest of half an Orange

3 1/2 tsp. Turmeric

1/8 pod Vanilla (or 1 tsp Vanilla extract)

Optional: Honey and Cinnamon to taste

Important: If you use blood thinners or are pregnant please seek advice from a doctor before adding Turmeric to your diet. There is no direct danger but certain medical issues may work together with Turmeric.

Be careful with your clothes! Turmeric has long been used to colour fabrics yellow.

We advise sieving the Milk just before drinking, if you decide not to do this cut and grind everything so you can drink it safely!

1. Pour the Milk in a small pan. Add the Pepper, this may feel as a bit much but is correct. Add the Ginger and just a tiny pinch of Salt.

2. Grate the Orange Zest straight above the Milk and go wild with the Turmeric. Open up the Vanilla pod by cutting it length wise and throw in the liquid.

3. Only now put a little heat under the pan. The liquid should get close to a boil. Whisk it a little while it heats up. This bit of air makes the Milk even more delicious.

4. Pour through a sieve into a tall glass. We found that depending on the exact taste of the other ingredients we sometimes like to add a bit of Honey and almost always prefer a Cinnamon topping.

5. Enjoy this delicious medicinal drink as warm as possible.