Creamy Mint Pasta

As white sauce pasta this dish already has quite the fattiness to it and adding Bacon strips only makes that worse. To balance out that extreme fat one needs a lot of greens. Mint and Green Peas are a match made in heaven and have that early spring feel to them. They seemed the perfect tools to break that silken smoothness a little. We are happy to be able to say they did what was expected from them. Making this dish still a sturdy meal without the unpleasant effects of all that fat.

INGRIEDEINTS (serves 3) 350 gr Pasta (Farfalle) 1 tbsp. Olive Oil 250 grams smoked Bacon strips 2 Eggs pinch of Sea Salt 3 sprigs of Mint (leaves cut thinly) 1 tsp Paprika Powder 200 ml Cream 450 gr frozen Green Peas Pinch of Black Pepper 1. Take a large pan and add enough Water to cook the Pasta plus half a litre more. Bring the Water to a boil and add a splash of Oil. 2. Meanwhile bake the Bacon in a separate pan until golden brown and crispy. 3. For the sauce mix the Eggs, Salt, Mint, Paprika Powder and Cream in a separate bowl. 4. When the Pasta is almost done (about 1 minute before) add the Peas to the boiling water. 5. When the Water boils again drain the Pasta (and Peas) and place the pan back on a low fire. Immediately add the sauce and stir the Pasta vigorously for 30 seconds. Add the Pepper and Bacon and stir again. By now the Egg in the mix should start to set and make the sauce stick to the Pasta. 6. When you see the sauce thickening, turn of the heat, but keep stirring just a little bit longer to prevent burning. Grab some plates and enjoy as warm as possible. Tip: Any leftovers are best when baked in Olive Oil the next day. The Egg and Cream mixture will brown easily, so keep stirring as you bake to prevent burning.