Silken Soft Pumpkin Soup

Few things announce the holiday season as Pumpkin does. Halloween always feels like the kick-off of that most wonderful time of the year. Two months of great food, delicious seasonal tastes and a lot of spices to keep you warm. A trap for the waistline every foodie lovingly and knowingly walks into.

This soup brings together all those warm thoughts just by smelling it. The sweet scent of Carrots and Pumpkin is brought up by the Cinnamon. The Pepper and Sage serve to break that ultimate sweetness just a little bit, staying far away from that chili packed, flame breath Pumpkin Soups you may enjoy during the darker winter months.

INGREDIENTS (serves about 8 bowls) Olive Oil 3 large Carrots Black Pepper 2 tsp. Cinnamon 800 grams of Pumpkin 1 tsp. Sage 1,5 liter Boiling/Hot Water

1. Take a large cooking pot and pour in the Oil. Cut the Carrots into chunks of about 2 cm. Bake the chunks slowly and keep stirring them until they begin to color brown. 2. Prepare the Pumpkin and cut into similar sized Chunks. Add the Pepper and the Cinnamon to the carrots and stir the chunks again to make sure the spices are well spread. Only then add the Pumpkin. 3. The Pumpkin will quickly become more soft and start to smell delicious. When you smell the Pumpkin add the Sage and precooked Water. The hot Water will make sure all tastes are picked up quickly without loss. 4. Let the soup boil for 10 to 15 minutes. The Pumpkin should be soft enough to blend by now, if not cook a bit longer. Blend the soup. 5. Cook for another 5 minutes on the lowest fire on your stove. Enjoy fresh immediately or use it for Breakfast as we love to do.