Tea for your belly

With the stress of everyday live, hurried eating, overly processed food and many other factors a lot of people struggle with an upset belly. This tea combines a wide range of beneficial (and tasty) elements that sooth the belly. Almost all organs that cause the complaints are addressed and we found many people benefit from this tea when other means of facing this problem aren’t an option.

INGREDIENTS (serves one pot) 3 thin slices Ginger 1 pod of Star Anise (or 1 tsp Anise seeds) 2 slices of Lemon 4 leaves of Sage 2 leaves of Mint Pot of boiled Water 1 tbsp. of Honey 1. Put the Ginger, Anise, Lemon, Sage and Mint into a filter (like a tea egg) or straight into the pot. 2. Pour the boiling Water into the pot. Let soak for at least 5 minutes. 3. Serve into glasses and add the Honey. Tip: Even if you prefer your tea less sweet, we advise to still add a bit of Honey. Honey has a lot of anti-bacterial values that help the stomach and intestines to calm down a bit.