Creamy Mushrooms

Autumn comes with many delicious benefits and the wide array of mushrooms has to be one of the best. This dish uses the flavour and liquid of the mushrooms itself to get into that deep earthy tone. With every different type of mushroom the taste alters itself just slightly and when combining three or more different mushrooms one can easily feel rich beyond measure.

The thyme, cream and bleu cheese suit to bring up that earthy tone, where the acidity of the lemon makes the dish suitable for an evening where you don’t want to end up feeling stuffed. As mushrooms the sauce only needs a bit of “ground” to work it’s magic on, so either pasta or rice will work. The focus really is those gorgeous mushrooms.

INGREDIENTS (serves 4) Pasta or Rice of your choice for 4 people.

For the mushrooms: 3 Tbsp. Olive Oil 400 gr Mushrooms (as many types as you can get) Pinch of Black Pepper Small cube Cream Butter Juice of half a Lemon 2 Tsp. Thyme

For the cheese sauce: 250 ml Cream 100 gr Gorgonzola (or any other blue cheese) 1. Start by cleaning the Mushrooms. Remove the stem if necessary and brush them clean with a damp (paper) towel.

2. Put on the water for the Pasta or Sweet Rice and cook as normal. 3. Slice the mushrooms thin and throw in a large frying pan. Add the Olive oil and put on medium fire. The trick in this dish is to take time. 4. Crush some Black Pepper on top of the Mushrooms and add the Cream Butter. Keep stirring to prevent the Mushrooms from burning. 5. After a short while you’ll notice a large amount of liquid coming from the Mushrooms. At this moment you want to add the Lemon Juice and Thyme and turn up the fire just a little. Make sure the liquid keeps boiling while you keep stirring. 6. As the liquid boils away the Mushrooms will slowly start turning brown. To have some more control turn down the heat again. 7. When your Mushrooms have browned to your liking (we like a crispy golden brown) pour in the Cream and bring to a light boil. Add the Blue Cheese and make sure it is melted into the sauce. 8. Stir the sauce into the Pasta or Rice and enjoy as hot as possible.