Drinking Chocolate

Drinking chocolate needs no further introduction. Almost everyone can think of that one childhood moment where that hot and warm drinking chocolate was the best thing you have ever tasted.

This recipe puts all those memories in a cup and makes it even more suitable for adults. Not overly sweet and possibly even a bit more warming than necessary. Still on those cold, dark days even as an adult one should enjoy those childhood memories and tastes. We do not guarantee it is the best thing you have ever tasted but we think it’s pretty close.

Normally we measure in ml, but for this, we advise you use your actual cups to measure, just so you get the most of the Chocolate to drink.

INGREDIENTS (serves 2 cups)

2 normal Cups of (almond) Milk (about 400 ml) pinch of Cinnamon pinch of Sea Salt Zest of half an orange 20 grams Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Liquor to taste (Rum, Amaretto or Quantro are our favourites) Sugar to taste

1. Pour the Milk into a pan, add the Cinnamon, Salt, and Zest. Put on half heat. 2. Stir the Milk slowly while it heats. Make sure to keep it moving to prevent it from burning and/or overcooking. 3. When the Milk is close to boiling sieve in the Cocoa Powder. Sieving prevents lumps. 4. Boil the Milk for 30 seconds. This caramelizes the milk sugars and adds some sweetness. Still, you need to taste the Chocolate to make sure it is sweet enough. Usually, it needs a bit more sugar. ( It is best to test the sweetness after you added the Liquor to get the taste just right) 5. This Chocolate loves whipped cream and to be paired with the Autumn Fruit Crumble. We hope you will too.