Soft Onion Pickle

We love all kinds of different onions and quite often we end up with a spare few that are close to spoiling. Especial in the summer it is easy to grab other vegetables while also having access to all those lovely onions. Looking for a way to use up the spare onions we found ideas about pickles with onions after several attempts this pickle is the one we decided on.

The combination of the soft sweet onions that still have that slightly sulfur taste with a soft yellow cheese convinced the Dutchies in us to keep eating it. The entire mix can be kept for a little over a week in the fridge and we just kept adding new onions every day to keep enjoying the pickle.

For us it really is a must try.

INGREDIENTS Fills about a 500 ml jar

100 ml Water a pinch of Sea Salt 50 ml Apple Cider Vinegar 25 ml Pomegranate Juice or half a Pomegranate 50 gr Caster Sugar 50 ml Rice Vinegar 6 to 8 Shallots

1. Pour the Water in a small sauce pan. Sprinkle the Salt in and add the Apple Cider Vinegar. 2. If you have a fresh Pomegranate beat the seeds out of the skin with a spoon. If you catch them in a small bowl you can afterwards squash the seeds with the same spoon to release the juice. You may get more than 25 ml juice. Seeing it is less sweetened you can use all. 3. Add the Pomegranate juice to the mix and stir in the Sugar and Rice Vinegar. 4. Heat the mix slowly until all the Sugar has melted away. 5. Pour the mix into a heat resistant non-metal container. Let the mix cool down for an hour and seal it of. Then move it to the fridge to cool down even further. If you use a jar remember to not close the jar to tight. The cooling down will create a vacuum that might be difficult to break. 6. When the liquid is cold, slice the Shallots into thin (half) rings. The thinner the better. Drop them in the liquid and let rest for at least another half an hour in the fridge. 7. The Pickle stays good for a little over a week in the fridge. 8. Enjoy the Pickle on a simple slice of bread and cheese or add to a salad.