Smokey Pepper Soup

Soup may be one of the most valuable ways to get a lot of necessary nutrients into your body without putting much stress on your digestive system. This makes soup in general a suitable way to start your day or de-stress it when you are feeling sick, a grandmother’s wisdom that has been used for many generations. In today’s knowledge based society this wisdom still has kept it’s value.

The (pointed) bell pepper has an incredible amount of vitamins and fiber. Based on that alone this dish already is a powerhouse when it comes to health. But it also has that smokey warm taste to it that welcomes one home.

Slowly heating a bell pepper and onion makes them far sweeter than usual. The grilling itself adds an even more smokey homey feeling. We played around with even adding some more sweetness, but soon this turned out overkill.

INGREDIENTS (serves 2 large bowls)

2 (pointed) large Bell Peppers 2 tbsp. Olive Oil 1 Large Onion A pinch of Chili Flakes A pinch of Sea Salt 1 tsp. Balsamic Vinegar 1 tsp. Dried Basil 200 ml Boiling Water

1. Preheat your oven to 180 degrees. 2. Cut the Bell Pepper into chunks and place on a tray. Drizzle the Oil and make sure all the chunks are covered in oil. Cut the Onion in chunks about the same size and add to the mix. 3. Add a pinch of Chili and Salt before you place the tray in the oven. If you use the pan add it only after grilling. 4. In about 25-30 minutes the Bell Pepper should become slightly blackened. When this happens take the vegetables out. We prefer the Bell Pepper a bit darker, and leave it in a bit longer. But that most certainly is an acquired taste. 5. Drop the mix into a blender add the Vinegar, Basil and Water. 6. Blitz until the soup is smooth. Enjoy as hot as possible.

Note: Red Bell Peppers are far sweeter than their cousins. We like the bit more bitter taste of the Orange and Yellow variations.