Good Morning Pancakes

Sunday morning is pancake morning in the Primal Beings HQ. Not to mention all the other days of the week we are lucky enough to have time to make these little treats for ourselves.

The lightness of the batter makes it ideal for starting your day.

INGREDIENTS (enough for 8 small pancakes)

275 ml Almond Milk

2 pinches of Cinnamon

pinch of Sea Salt

2 large Eggs (or 3 medium)

Zest of half a Lemon

150 gr Wheat Flour

Olive Oil or Butter to bake in

Sweet toppings

1. Pour a bit over half of the Almond milk in a mixing bowl. Add the Cinnamon and Sea Salt. 2. Break the eggs in a separate bowl to prevent scale from falling into the mix. With the Milk already in there you will not find the scale back. Add the Eggs to the batter. 3. Make sure the Lemon Zest is thin as dust. You want the flavor to be everywhere, without there being strips of chewy zest. Add to the bowl and mix everything. 4. Only after all the flavors have been thoroughly mixed add the flour. Sieving it prevents lumps in the batter directly. Personally we find that adding a bit more Almond Milk later also does the trick. 5. Mix the batter and add the rest of the Almond Milk. 6. Bake the pancakes thin and crisp in a small frying pan.

Honey and Syrup are the simple (and lovely) choice on this pancake. We also like fruits and ice-cream on special occasions.