Cooling Down Cucumbers

Some people are born with a tongue immune to chilli. Unfortunately we are not that blessed.

A memory most of you can probably relate to is the mistake of trying to douse the burning feeling by downing a glass of water. Only to make it worse! A spoon full of sugar is a sure way to get rid of the heat, but eating a pack of sugar with a spicy dish isn’t really an option.

Nowadays we can handle the heat way better then in our younger years, honestly we love chilli now. Still sometimes we know upfront a dish needs more heat than we want to handle. This Salad is a great way of dousing the fire.

The watery bitterness of the Cucumber combines perfectly with the silken softness of Yogurt. Still it has a light kick in the form of the Spring Onion making it also suitable to eat combined with dishes that don’t give the spicy kick. All combinations aside this dish was designed to make sure your tongue doesn’t burn away during those flaming spicy meals.

INGREDIENTS (side-dish for 4)

Juice of half a lemon Sea Salt 2 Cucumbers 3 tbsp. Olive Oil 2 sprigs of Mint 2 tsp. Chives 8 Spring Onions 2 tbsp. Quark

1. Place a sieve in your sink or into a large bowl. 2. Slice one Cucumber as thinly as you can and throw into the sieve. Add Sea Salt to cover all of them and squeeze the lemon juice over it. Toss for a moment and leave for a moment. 3. Meanwhile slice the other Cucumber and add into the sieve. Toss again and leave the entire mix to soak for a couple of minutes. The mix will keep the Cucumber from becoming soggy. 4. Prepare by slicing the herbs and Spring Onions. 5. Transfer the Cucumber slices to a salad bowl. Drizzle the Oil on top, spread the Mint, Chives and Spring Onions. 6. At this point you really need to taste the dish for the right amount of Salt. Surprisingly enough with all the Salt earlier we find we need to add just a little more. 7. Just before serving add the Quark.

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