Even we at PrimalBeings are sometimes caught off guard when it comes to recipe making. Often our journeys bring us to places where we don’t know the exact ingredients or haven’t got our own supplies available. We love this challenge and when faced with a sudden heat wave in southern Germany we needed an on the spot recipe for a delicious, filling but still fresh salad.

Usually we start our recipes with just our intuition, a basic idea and the PrimalBeing cooking style in the back of our mind. Most recipes need a couple of tries to be balanced and delicious. Luckily for us the science and philosophies behind our PrimalBeing cooking style work everywhere around the world. Even more lucky was the perfect balance we created in this dish (together with our host) the first time around.

When we tasted it we knew we didn’t need any more tests and within 24 hours we send it to our Pioneers to see if they liked it as much as we do. The feedback was overwhelming and it was clear these beets didn’t steal just our hearts. And so the HeartBeets were born.

INGREDIENTS (serves 2 to 3) 500 gr pre-cooked Beetroot 1 Pear 3 tbsp. Olive Oil Pinch of Pepper Pinch of Salt 180 gr Feta 3 tbsp. (Sheep/Goat) Yogurt To taste Fresh Mint

  1. Take the Beetroot and cut it in thick slices. Then turn the beets a quarter and “slice” again, ending up with thick sticks of Beetroot. Throw in a large enough bowl.

  2. Remove the core from the Pear. Cut in eights and slice up. Add to the bowl.

  3. Drizzle the Oil and add the Pepper and Salt on top.

  4. Crumble the Feta and Drizzle the Yogurt on the mix.

  5. If you want fresh Mint in the salad rip or cut it small and add.

  6. Mix the entire bowl until everything has the slight reddish color Beetroot gives.

Serving Tips: This dish can be a lovely side dish at a barbecue or main dish on its own. During the testing we found a good piece of toast is a great addition if you eat just the salad