As you may expect by now we at Primal Beings do our best to follow the path nature has hardwired inside us. Our recipes reflect this as much as possible, following the flow of the seasons. However eager humans are to divide the seasons in hard lines, nature follows in its own tempo. Looking at the seasons flowing ever so gently into each other we can only make arbitrary choices.

Foodwise we identified six seasons where the ingredients and bodily needs start to change greatly. As such we divided our recipes to reflect this. However we also accept the ease with which you can get most ingredients year round and don’t mind going slightly out of season to make a dish pop.


Most important of all: don’t let us tell your Primal Being what to crave!

These recipes do use some measurements, this is only meant as a guideline. There is no need to be exact and we only encourage you to follow your Primal Being when it comes to following these measurements. 


Our recipes are all build around the seven-taste principle. So regardless of the season we invite you to dig in and nurture your relationship with your Primal Being.



Frozen Branch


Flower Blossoms


Flower in Sunlight

Early Summer

Palm Trees


Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Late Summer