No two humans are exactly the same and finding a lifestyle that works for you means listening to your own inner Primal Being. Here at PrimalBeings we base our advices on a wide range of philosophies, scientific researches and experiences in hopes of helping you to find your own way to health and listening to your own Primal Being. But because our advice needs to be general this also means that not everything is built to your perfect fit. 

We write our exercises as understandable and safe as possible so you can use them yourself. This however does not mean that it is for everyone to do all exercises (immediately) or without (professional) guidance. Listen to your own Primal Being when trying something and do not take any unnecessary risks. When in doubt always consult a (medical) professional before doing an exercise! 

The Primal Beings recipes are based on eastern medicine philosophies combined with western food science (and worldwide taste influences) Because all these branches  come together and are finely tuned we advise following the recipes as closely as possible. You can always change around with ingredient amounts making it fit your personal needs,  but when you leave out certain ingredients completely the intended effectiveness of the recipe will be reduced greatly. Also when it comes to “food medicine” listen to your own Primal Being and don’t take any unnecessary risks. The right food can work as a very powerful medicine and make you (feel) better, but it is never a replacement of good medical advice. When in doubt about medication or symptoms always consult a medical professional! 

Our number one advise remains: listen to your very own Primal Being when choosing your lifestyle. Never ignore it and make smart decisions based on what it is telling you.

This advice applies to everything you read here at as well: Make smart decisions. We do our very best to give general advice that helps most people, but can’t tell if it fits your body without knowing you. When you want advice from us that fits you specifically please contact us through