PrimalBeings.com is intended to assist you in finding a suitable healthy lifestyle, we are not doctors and will never give medical advice. Always consult a physician or medical specialist in case of doubt or questions about your health and/or medication!


PrimalBeings is convinced that:


Health consists of the right balance between exercise, relaxation and nutrition:

Even though the right combination of this trinity is different from person to person, health can only be achieved by consciously finding the balance between all three. Proper exercise, adequate rest and a healthy diet are key to one’s health. Prolonged ignoring or neglecting one or more of these three always leads to an unhealthy situation.


Your body tells you what it needs:

The human body is a very reliable and sensitive instrument that naturally developed over many millennia. Due to the past century’s rapid change the human body is not (yet) suitable for the modern lifestyle. Even when you’re busy your body is constantly trying to tell you what is good for you. Every life is different and every body is different so there is not one perfect solution that will work for everyone. Learn to really listen and act upon the needs that your body tells you about to be healthy.


Physical health and mental health are inseparably linked:

Every thought and emotion has a direct effect on the body, just as every physical (in)convenience effects the mind. Your body does not only tell you about your physical needs but also spiritual/mental needs. An unhealthy lifestyle on either can have severe consequences on the other, with a range of diseases as possible results. To be/stay healthy inner balance is therefore as important as physical balance.


Quick fixes are not real solutions:

With crash diets, nutritional supplements, painkillers and a range of other quick fixes many people try to suppress signals from their bodies or ignore them entirely. These kinds of solutions relieve the symptoms for a short period of time but do not address the cause. Listening to the signals and addressing the causes helps to stay/become healthy.


Almost all inconveniences can be addressed with proper lifestyle:

The right lifestyle has a major impact on your whole body. Almost all of the physical discomforts are caused by the long-term ignoring of signals given by the body. Changes in lifestyle to support the needs of the body can therefore prevent, remedy and/or ease almost all of these inconveniences.


Happiness comes from a realistic lifestyle:

Being healthy is an important part of happiness. A proper lifestyle should add to that happiness. Constantly denying yourself the nice (and tasty) little things in life because it’s healthier, does not add to that happiness. Strife to continue to enjoy life while you take care of your body. Change your lifestyle step by step, set yourself achievable goals, replace bad things with something less bad and enjoy your sin if you decide to do something that you know is not healthy. Vary and find the balance that you need at that specific moment to be healthy and happy.


Support helps you reach your goals:

Becoming and staying healthy continues to be a challenge that is easier when you have the right support. Find people in your life who support you or even want to go and change with you. Challenge yourself and each other and grow to greater heights together.


Knowledge comes from more than one source:

With all the scientific discoveries of the past century we found that we probably don’t know half about the workings of the human body. Ancient philosophers and modern scientists have left behind a lot of knowledge for us to study and find our way with. Focusing on one book, system, way of life or research makes one unnecessarily blind in all other areas. Every day new knowledge is made available. PrimalBeings uses  many sources in the hope that everyone can find their own ideal way of life. 

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