Bland cooked carrots just don’t seem to cut it anymore. But when we started adding a bit more flavour soon things spin out of control. These carrots are really meant for those with a sweet tooth.

These falafel nuggets don't discriminate and go well with (almost?) every preference.

A good shrimp can make our day. Still we can’t always find (or afford) the expensive shrimps. Luckily with this recipe also frozen Shrimps find our table time and time again.

Sweet and sour balance out those lovely Brussels sprouts. This is a perfect way to forget those nasty overcooked sprouts and start loving this underappreciated vegetable.

A firm and sturdy white sauce balanced out with all the goodness of Mint and Peas. With just the hint of Bacon added for that perfect comfort food.

Warmth and cosiness radiate from these Beets. An invitation for autumn on it’s own. Still this dish stays summer fresh with simple Mint and a touch of Ginger.

Autumn comes with many delicious benefits and the wide array of mushrooms has to be one of the best. This dish takes all that earthy flavour and brings out the top taste of autumn.

When you combine the simple Gnocchi with all the warmth and sweetness of Pears, Cream and Port one can easily recreate that cozy homely feeling.

Every now and again your body screams for something light and refreshing, for a moment to just restore. This Apple salad is just that.

As a child growing up McDonalds was a treat. The sauce still triggers those warm and happy memories like nothing else. By some strange coincidence the taste of this salad makes us reminiscence exactly the same. But in a healthy way.

Sunday morning is pancake morning in the Primal Beings HQ. Not to mention all the other days of the week we are lucky enough to have time to make these little treats for ourselves.

Basil and Lemon is a strange combination. Both ingredients have a refreshing note to them and we suspected this trade to become overwhelming when we would combine the ingredients. We did anyway and were pleasantly surprised.

Coleslaw: the family of Salads we keep forgetting. This recipe uses a small amount of mayonnaise as a dressing and a lot of different spices to create not only that complex taste but also an almost overwhelming smell.

Some people are born with a tongue immune to chili. Unfortunately we are not that blessed. This dish is designed to help douse the burn!

The origins of the Pasta Putanesca recipe is pretty uncertain. There is a wide choice of origins for the name. Freely translated the name means: Whore style pasta.

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