January 31st, 2018 brings us an extremely potent Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse in the sign of Leo. Just to put thing into perspective: the last time we experienced a Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse was 36 years ago, but having this type of Eclipse in the sign of Leo is extremely rare and has not occurred in hundreds of years.

Whenever we have a rare celestial event such as this, we feel the energy strongly and it has the potential to cause huge ripples and waves in our lives.

Eclipses often bring turning points in our lives. They are often an instigator for change and illuminate areas of our lives that need attention. Hidden truths and buried emotions are likely to stir around Eclipse time, and you may need to let things rise up before you know the best course of action.

Honoring the theme of this Full Moon we want to create a space where you can move inwards to observe your own inner truth. Moving through a Heart opening practice, we work towards a state of being where you can feel confident, loved and supported by yourself and by the world around you.


This Full Moon gathering and class will take place in the cozy Primal Beings HQ. Keeping our bodies warm and dry as we sink into a calm and gentle practice that allows us to explore the body and mind on a deeper level. Surrounded by candle light and a nourishing Primal Being treat after class. 

Doors open at 19:30

Class Starts at 20:00

Please note that the door closes when the class starts.


€12.50 per person

There is space for up to 6 people per class.

Please bring your Yoga Mat (if you don’t have one, let us know)


If you are going to join, please send an email to kimnutbey@gmail.com in time so we can save your spot. 

Full Moon Circle