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Feel welcome and join the PrimalBeings campfire here.

Grab something to drink, maybe something to eat, and join the conversation. 


What do we do at the fire? We gather with our inner circle to test new ideas, share our progress, and our personal journey, and hear your input to decide what we focus on next. The primal being is extensive and we can all spend an entire lifetime learning about it. In our search to make things practical, we listen to those gathered here to decide what is the most valuable next step.


Of course, we also make sure our inner circle is taken care of. We share exclusive videos that will take you on a journey through movement and meditation or go into the food side with recipes and kitchen skills. You will see how the entire process is going with a look behind the scenes and are the first to receive access to whatever we make. And last but not least, discounts on all our courses for all our members as we really want you to gain all the benefits. 


Join the campfire through Patreon and help shape the future of PrimalBeings.

  • Exclusive videos
    Cooking / Movement / Meditation

  • Discount on our online course
    Coming soon

  • Join the conversation
    Being part of a community, a space for input and questions

  • Early access to all blogs and recipes

  • Peak behind-the-scenes

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