Creamy Mushrooms

Autumn comes with many delicious benefits and the wide array of mushrooms has to be one of the best. This dish takes all that earthy flavour

Autumn Fruit Crumble

You may dislike the cold and wet autumn weather but the food and fruits really welcome one home. This crumble uses all those sweet and rich

Silken Soft Pumpkin Soup

No idea what to do with your Pumpkin? This soup brings out the best of that soft Pumpkin giving it a slight kick without losing the sweetnes

Blue Pear Gnocchi

When you combine the simple Gnocchi with all the warmth and sweetness of Pears, Cream and Port one can easily recreate that cozy homely feel

Drinking Chocolate

This recipe puts all those memories in a cup and makes it even more suitable for adults. We do not guarantee it is the best drinking chocola

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