Good Morning Pancakes

Sunday morning is pancake morning in the Primal Beings HQ. Not to mention all the other days of the week we are lucky enough to have time to

Basilemon Pink Pasta

Basil and Lemon is a strange combination. Both ingredients have a refreshing note to them and we suspected this trade to become overwhelming

Dill Sauce

A simple sauce can make a dish completely different. This dill sauce is a simple and effective sauce for with Fish, Shrimp and Lamb.

Crispy Summer Coleslaw

Coleslaw: the family of Salads we keep forgetting. This recipe uses a small amount of mayonnaise as a dressing and a lot of different spices

Watermelon Steak

We at Primal Beings were slightly taken aback when we first found the suggestion of Grilled Watermelon. Now we suggest it for every barbecue

Satay Sauce

Nuts, garlic and some spices. With the right balance and only a tiny bit of work you can make one of the most favored sauces in the world.

Cooling Down Cucumbers

Some people are born with a tongue immune to chili. Unfortunately we are not that blessed. This dish is designed to help douse the burn!

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