Sunset Tomatoes

After a long day we really don't care for a complicated recipe. (no matter how much we love to cook) This recipe has the best of both wo

Feel Good Green Salad

The idea of this Salad is getting as much green into the mix. We have tried a lot of different combinations and this is by far our favorite. Edamame Beans can be hard to get but add a delicious extra layer of taste to the salad. The Broad beans are a bit more sweet, but a great substitute if you can’t get the Edamame. Ingredients (2 – 3 persons): 400 gram jar of Green Peas 5 Spring Onions 200 gram jar of Edamame Beans or Broad Beans 1 Pear 1 Lime 1 handful of Fresh Basil 1 Cucumber 1 Avocado 2 tbs Olive Oil 50 gr Pistachio Nuts Take a bowl large enough for all the ingredients to fit in. Drain the Green Peas and put these in the bowl. Cut the root and strip the outer layer of the Spring Onion

Mustard Salmon Pasta

Soft salty smoked salmon and the light sharpness of mustard quickly fill the nose just before the full combination of flavors hits the tongu

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