The Primal Being of Modern Human


In modern society we tend to value intelligency as one of the most important qualities someone can have. Our society is built on the expectance that we need to sharpen our minds from an early age and keep that up during our entire lives. Still between all that learning, thinking and rationality the modern human still has to deal with all kinds of irrationality on a daily basis. No matter how much we try to be intellectual creatures we are still bound to the Primal needs and wants of our body. But why?

During evolution we have developed three parts of brains. The outer (and newest) layer is our Human Brain that creates our intellect and makes us sensible humans. The middle layer is the Mammal Brain that creates intuition (talking to us through emotions, for example). The core of it all and oldest part of our brain is the Reptilian or Fish Brain which creates our instinct (creating our survival mode, for example). As one can imagine these two “inner brains” are the only reason that we as humans have survived evolution. In these Primal parts of the brain there is no space for the rational intellect that is valued so much by the modern human. They work purely on the natural impulses they have learned to work with over many millennia of evolution. Unsurprisingly this Primal part of the brain is responsible for almost every single function in the human body. No matter how hard we try, it is (almost) impossible to use intellect to overwrite these basic bodily functions. This is why Modern Human is still bound to their inner Primal Being.


But that does not mean we have no influence at all on our Primal Body. We can understand the needs and wants of our Primal Being and choose to provide it the necessary impulses to be fully functioning and healthy. The only thing we need to learn is listen to the language this Primal Being in us speaks. Emotions, taste, tension, ailments, pain, reflexes and many other signs our body gives us, are signals our Primal Brain uses to get us to take care of our Primal Body. Some signals (like pain when burning yourself) are easy to interpret (don’t do this again). Others (like taste) are far more difficult to understand and act upon. No matter how it speaks, this Primal Being is trying to get you to take care of yourself. Listening to it greatly benefits your health, both physically and mentally. In a society that has undervalued instinct and intuition for too long it can be a challenge to listen to your Primal Being again. But ancient philosophies that were built by listening have survived and modern science is also slowly lifting the veil to be able to understand it again.


By bringing together the ancient philosophy’s and modern sciences we at PrimalBeings.com hope to help Modern Human (you) to learn to listen to and work with your personal Primal Being again.