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The gap between body and mind is far smaller

than most of us have been told to believe

Have you ever realized that frowning makes your thoughts less positive?

Do you know that the learning value of walking through an exercise inside your head is almost as high as actually doing the exercise itself?

And why do we still crave things like chips and sweets when there clearly is no physical need?


Welcome to our platform where we share knowledge and tools to bridge that gap.


Welcome to  PrimalBeings

Mark Drenth

Our very own cook and chase researcher. By diving head first into book after book he chases all the answers his mind can come up with. Meanwhile he keeps chasing tastier and more satisfying meals by applying the answers he finds. With a deep factual knowledge and a passion for sharing he tries to get our heads (and bellies) on the same page as our primal being.

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Mark Drenth

Kimberley Nutbey

Our very own movement artist and practical researcher. When she studies she dives body first into the challenge. Spending weeks or even months studying new life styles, philosophies, movement styles and/or martial arts. With her embodied knowledge and refined instincts she shows how one can get on the same page as their primal being.

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Kimberley Nutbey


We can’t live in a bubble

We can’t simply change everything in our life to the situation that suits us best. We have work, family, money, etc. to keep in mind. We focus on practical ways to incorporate our findings into the chaos of every day reality.

Sharing is caring

No-one should be on a journey to self improvement on their own, making the change sharable is essential to us.

Facts over feelings

Believing something is “good or bad” shouldn’t be based on only a gut feeling or (over)simplified catchphrases. Everything we share has a basis in facts first.

Change is hard enough without dictonary

We shouldn’t need to be a scientist to understand what we can do to change for the better. Sometimes we can’t work around complex matters and heavy science. However, we will do our best to keep the science and exercises as simple and understandable as possible.

Balancing is learned by falling

Change is a path of falling and getting up again. Beating yourself up over your (past) failures is useless. We embrace the philosophy: Learn from your mistakes and do better next time around.

Lead by example

It is hypocritical to not live the life we try to share. By constantly living and testing what we share on ourselves we can honestly share and show what the effects are of living in balance with oneself.


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